The Orgasmic Chef


Native of Trinidad, West Indies, The Orgasmic Chef - Shelton Alexis - grew up in the countryside with rolling hills and a year-round bounty of fruits, vegetables, spices and livestock.  This rich environment laid a foundation for his pursuits of a career in the Culinary Arts as an Executive Celebrity Chef of high-end cuisine.

Raised in a family of chefs, caterers and businessmen, The Orgasmic Chef began learning his craft as a child. He was encouraged to use his natural gifts to blend spices and create enticing dishes with fresh, organic ingredients. Today, The Orgasmic Chef blends his own distinctive spice mixtures and fresh herbs, which add a signature flavor to every dish in his ever-expanding collection.

Services With over 20 years of professional cooking experience, Chef Shelton Alexis, “The Orgasmic Chef” refined his craft through formal training at New York’s Restaurant School, from his domestic and international travels and honed in his fusion style by grasping inspiration from cultures and cuisines around the world.

His unusual marriage of dishes from the Caribbean through the African Continent was innovation that led The Orgasmic Chef to develop his unique mélange cooking style - best described as an elegant blend of the cuisines from Africa, Asia, Europe the Caribbean and Latin America.

The Orgasmic Chef differentiates himself by elevating food into a full sensual experience. His focus on fresh clean flavors, organic ingredients, and a sumptuous atmosphere is indicative of his passion for taking food and libations to a spiritual level. The Orgasmic Chef will transport your senses into a sophisticated, unparalleled “umami” experience where your spirit is lifted and satiated beyond compare.

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